A Modern Approach to Call Center Customer Experience

We’re Heading Into a New Era of Customer Service Transformation

We’re at a tipping point of customer service transformation, which includes triggers from globalization, digital growth, regulatory compliance, behavioral shift and a changing economy. Each of these issues has the power to dramatically impact customers and change how they interact with brands. The combination could completely alter the face of customer experience moving forward. Buckle your seat belts because we’re in for a bumpy (and exciting) transformational journey heading into the new era of customer service. 

Most of those changes are driven by consumer demand and behavioral shift in how customers want to interact with businesses. Customers crave personalized, frictionless experiences, and companies are sprinting to deliver them. But this idea of constant transformation can present a seemingly insurmountable challenge for companies that are struggling in today’s complex business environment.

Artificial Intelligence Channels Have Never Been so Critical


But what about organizations that have yet to achieve maturity in this area? With volumes spiking and the contact center workforce being disrupted, now is the time to double-down on AI and create a multi-speed human and machine workforce. Virtual Agents, built using AI technology, offer customers instant, on-demand service. Imagine instantly greeting your customers the moment they call – without wait times or frustrating IVR systems. Virtual Agents provide automated support, deliver a human-like conversational experience, and can handle the same intents as human agents. They can both understand and satisfy individual customer needs. They can evoke empathy and emotion, and regardless of their maturity, organizations can still harness virtual solutions to relieve the pressure on contact volumes. 

Scaling up, AI-Powered Support is Now Imperative

  • Expand existing Virtual Agent environments with prioritized intents, urgency triaging and 24/7 activation. Human agents must be available to focus on the most complex and valuable customer needs and let automation handle everything else.
  • Deploy Virtual Agents for specific use cases with high volume such as COVID-19 for public service use cases. Define new intents, build on existing solutions and ensure content relevancy with the rapidly evolving global situation. 

If you Haven’t Adopted AI Just Yet, All is Not Lost

  • Quickly adopt AI with turnkey, end-to-end service solutions. To do this, focus on the volume that matters most, start simple with use cases that are taking away from agent efficiency.
  • Maximize the success for new virtual agents by adopting open architecture principles, including prioritization of configuration while focusing on a modular design.

Now What?

AI brings the consistency customers crave, with short wait times and quick solutions for first tier inquiries. AI assists contact centers to easily increase call volumes by getting to the right person quickly and responding efficiently to customer inquiries. Virtual Agents help customers answer common questions and all first-line inquiries with Natural Voice Response (NVR) that fully understand customers’ intent. Moreover, the demand for Voice AI is growing due to 24/7 availability in multiple languages, accents and tones. As a result, human agents are free to handle complex conversations and spend less time on redundant calls and inefficient processes.

The race to leverage AI solutions is streamlining contact center operations this year. Voice AI is about working smarter, not harder. AI should be viewed as a means of enhancing and augmenting a call center agent’s highly skilled role It is about helping agents do more with less, and it is about providing value to your customers. Your company’s future success depends on how you prioritize your customer interactions and your willingness to invest in technology that delivers satisfaction at scale. In short, AI requires companies to rethink how they interact with their most valuable asset – their customers.

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