Optimal Customer Experience Amidst COVID-19

How to Maintain Personal Banking

in the Age of Corona

COVID-19: Amidst peaks in call volume with customers inquiring about their finances and as agents start working remotely or part-time, call centers have either increased wait times significantly or have stopped providing customer service completely. In these unprecedented times when your customers need you the most, catering to their needs can be extremely challenging. Voca has a simple to implement, Virtual Agent which can easily deflect call volumes and repetitive tasks for your agents. 

We at Voca, assist call centers to provide optimal customer experience 24/7, so that even in times of panic, you’ll be able to handle call capacity with ease. As you no longer see your customers face to face, they are now forced to call in for assistance. We provide a human-like Virtual Agent that handles 80% of all first line inquiries, drastically decreasing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction levels. It’s extremely important to us that your customers feel taken care of even in these unprecedented times.

Ensure Business Continuity

During COVID-19

Decrease Wait Times

Attentive, empathetic Virtual Agents are always available to cater to customer needs.

Customer Experience

Virtual Agents Respond instantly to customer inquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maximize Resources

Voca Agents handle first line inquiries, freeing up human agents for complex queries.

Replace Repetition

Advanced cognitive technologies help to automate routine interactions replacing repetitive calls.

Deflect Call Volumes

Answer questions in real-time, guiding customers to relevant resources.

Automated Service

Assist enterprises to quickly scale customer support across both voice and digital touchpoints.

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