for Telecommunication

Effective Communication

Done right!

Being within the conversational space yourself, you understand the importance of effective communication and the proper use of technology for your customers. Voca provides telecommunication contact centers with Virtual Agents that keep customers satisfied and engaged ensuring a positive dialogue by personalizing tone, wording and speed in order to ensure all customers needs are being met.

The Perfect Fit

For Your Telecommunication Contact Center

  • Responds quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, creating excellent first impressions
  • Voca Agents handle the vast majority of first line inquiries 
  • Natural Voice Response (NVR) that understands your customers intent 
  • Ensure customer gets through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Human agents have more time to work on high-intent calls
  • Satisfied customer experience with Virtual Agents that are always prompt and always on script 
  • Voca documents everything so that your agents don’t have to 
  • Monitor conversations as they unfold, so you can make decisions and take action in real time

Conversational NVR

  • Speak with a friendly Voca Agents for any necessity such as billing questions or adding a phone line
  • Instantly solve customer needs vs. traditional IVR
  • Voca Agents are always available, never tired and never need a break
  • Handles 80% of all first line inquiries

Application Follow up

  • Timely call from Voca Agent, screening irrelevant leads
  • Fast response Ensures customers aren’t shopping elsewhere
  • Ensure your agents are working with the hottest leads
  • Creates excellent first impressions 
  • Voca Agents are always prompt and always on script

Application Processing

  • Lead customer through the complete application process 
  • Ensure applications are completed correctly and efficiently 
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with ease in processes
  • Free up human agents for complex inquiries
  • Decrease customer frustration

Interested in Optimizing your Telecommunication Contact Center?