for Lending

Courteous & Empathetic

Virtual Agents

Voca empowers lending companies with AI Virtual Agents that keep customers engaged. With potential sensitivity around lending, the need for courteous and empathetic agents are a must – customers enjoy speaking with our Virtual Agents longer, and feel comfortable to disclose personal information. By implementing a Voca Agent which understands voice and mood intent, you’ll be providing value that impresses your customers and scales your business. 

The Perfect Fit

For Your Lending Contact Center

  • Get to the right person quickly for ease in debt collection or lead qualification
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, creating excellent first impressions
  • Voca Agents handle the vast majority of first line inquiries 
  • Natural Voice Response (NVR) that understands your customers intent 
  • Ensure customer gets through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Human agents have more time to work on high-intent calls
  • Satisfied customer experience with Virtual Agents that are always prompt and always on script 
  • Voca documents everything so that your agents don’t have to 
  • Monitor conversations as they unfold, so you can make decisions and take action in real time

Conversational NVR

  • Easily solve first line inquiries such as loan qualification
  • Voca Agents are always available, on top of their game and never tired or in need of a break
  • Voca Agents love helping customers solve their issues without fuss and frustration
  • With short wait times, customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently

Application Follow up

  • Timely call from Voca Agent, screening irrelevant leads
  • Fast response Ensures customers aren’t looking elsewhere
  • Ensure your agents are working with the hottest leads
  • Creates excellent first impressions 
  • Voca Agents are always prompt and always on script

Application Processing

  • Leading customer through lending application process 
  • Ensure applications are completed correctly and efficiently 
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with ease in processes
  • Free up human agents for complex inquiries
  • Decrease customer frustration

Collection Calls

  • Easily confirm you’re speaking with the right person
  • Hit all loan delinquencies
  • Ability to call at scale
  • Increase call volume 10X’s
  • Human agents are able to speak with the right person every-time focusing their efforts on negotiating and closing

Interested in Optimizing your Lending Contact Center?