Human-like IVR Technology

  • Discover call center automation that customers actually enjoy conversing with
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency without increasing cost
  • Join leading customer support call centers that are beating the competition with Virtual Agents
  • Handle peaks in call volume without compromising on the customer experience
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Why Voca 

say Voca’s AI is human-like.

lower call center costs.

increase in call capacity.

What Makes us Different?

Current Technologies

Current AI technologies take speech and transcribe it to text in order to understand intent. But during this process crucial information gets lost. Our approach to transcribing is different.

Voca’s Solution

We identify intent from the voice, while utilizing vital information contained in the prosody, tone or speed of conversation. We then apply machine learning to understand the full intent of the customer’s spoken conversation and speech. Voca Agents can automatically identify different tones and vocal clues to discern between what a customer says and what a customer means. Learn More.

Our Technology Breakthrough

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