Voca for Contact Centers

Voca enables contact centers with Virtual Agents that scale productivity through natural, intelligent and empathetic spoken conversations. By employing a Voca Agent you’re able to provide customer satisfaction that scales.

We’re dedicated to creating a win-win collaboration between humans and AI, freeing up human agents to be their creative best, so great customer experience (CX) and great employee experience (EX) can work hand-in-hand. With simple integration and self optimized algorithms, Voca Agents can easily be implemented without loads of data or complex processes.

Great Customer Experience Comes Naturally to Us

Human-Like Conversations

Voca offers natural, human-like conversations that will leave your customers wondering if they spoke with a virtual or human agent.

Speak Volumes

Due to our unique mix of IQ and EQ, you’ll be able to deliver vast volumes of calls at a fraction of the cost without compromising on the human experience.

Easy Implementation

Easily ‘employ’ Voca Agents without loads of data or complex processes. Consistently scale and add use cases on the fly.

The Perfect Collaboration 

Great call center agents are worth their weight in gold. Voca Agents handle routine calls and execute seamless hand-overs, freeing up human agents for high value and complex conversations.

Natural Voice Response (NVR)

Voca Agents handle the vast majority of first line inquiries. 

Test Drive Voca,

Your Customers will Love you for it.