The Voca Product


Virtual Agents

Voca Agents use a speech-to-intent algorithm which sounds different, because’s core technology IS different. Current AI technologies take speech and transcribe it to text in order to understand intent. But during this process crucial information gets lost. Our approach to transcribing is different. We identify intent from the voice, while utilizing vital information contained in the prosody, tone or speed of conversation. We then apply machine learning to understand the full intent of the customer’s spoken conversation and speech. Voca Agents can automatically identify different tones and vocal clues to discern between what a customer says and what a customer means.

Hear the Magic for Yourself

How Voca Agents

Learn Your Business

Voca Agents can be implemented fast by automatically building a call graph based on your existing recorded calls and teach themselves the possible scenarios and outcomes in a call. Once a Voca Agent understands the entire speech flow, the algorithm identifies the best way to respond to customer objections, rebuttals and needs.

Tailor-made Speech Models uses a combination of data and Machine Learning algorithms to determine which responses deliver better outcomes for your customers and your business.

What Makes us Different?

Voca’s Secret Sauce 

Good at Their Job

Voca Agents know their stuff! They learn quickly and master their scripts at speed, leading to consistently excellent call outcomes.

A Very Human Touch

Empathy and emotional intelligence is a key part of what makes Voca Agents so special. It’s why customers enjoy speaking with our agents longer, and feel comfortable sharing personal information.

An Ear for Human Speech

Voca Agents are trained to listen to “body language” implicit in human speech. They pick up on subtle nuances in voice, understand context and respond with the right prosody.

Always Ready to Serve

Voca Agents are as fresh and on-the-ball at 2am as they are at 2pm. They can be scaled at the click of a button, so you can handle peaks and troughs with no fuss, while following compliance rules to the T.

Customize your Voca Agent 

Every company has its own identity and character. You can customize the voice and conversational character of your Voca Agent to reflect your corporate language. Voca Agents continually learn from human agents, so you can present “one voice” to your customers.

Strict Compliance

Voca Agents comply fully and consistently with all required regulations.

Data Privacy

Rest assured, your data is securely stored on the Voca platform and is not shared with any third party company. 

Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise processes. Our end-to-end conversation engine is fine-tuned using your CRM and call data.

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