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Voca developed Natural Voice Response (NVR), to support the customers journey and provide a friendly, human-sounding, Virtual Agent that takes care of most first line inquiries, decreasing customer frustration and long wait times.

Efficiency is the paramount quality in this industry, so it is not surprising that call centers are moving away from their outdated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to NVR, by letting AI run the show. Normally, the IVR system provides a long list of items on their menu with scripted responses and predetermined outcomes. By incorporating Voice AI into the customer experience, a lot of time and money invested in the infrastructure will be saved.

Voca Agent


Great First Impressions

Attentive, friendly Virtual Agents always available to cater to customer needs.

Customer Convenience

Virtual Agents Respond instantly to customer inquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maximize Resources

Voca Agents handle first line inquiries, freeing up human agents for complex queries.

Replace Repetition

Advanced cognitive technologies help to automate routine interactions replacing repetitive calls.

Predicting Customer Behavior

AI can draw on data to anticipate needs, draw conclusions and handle them each accordingly.

Business Insights

Monitor conversations as they unfold, so you can make decisions and take action in real-time.

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