Voca Introduces Virtual Agent to Support Call Centers During COVID-19

Voca’s AI Virtual Agents enables call centers to quickly respond to increased customer calls without adding agents and without lengthy implementation.

Call centers that are under intense pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic will benefit from Voca’s Natural Voice Response (NVR). Voca’s Virtual Agents instantly answers customer inquiries and easily deflect call volumes, with onboarding in less than a week, including free set up. This is our way of supporting your customer service activities, helping to restore capacity and address business needs, with limited interruptions and quick to market execution, when you need it the most.

Optimal Customer Experience Amidst COVID-19


The setup is designed for easy implementation by those without a technical background and is not a lengthly or costly process. “Our customers have seen a spike in call volume by 3X-4X due to COVID-19. Customers need fast responses now, more than ever as human capital issues are arising and remote working constraints are reducing the ability and efficiency of current call centers. Voca’s, AI Virtual Agents becomes a life-ring and game changer to organizations as they handle this new reality and increased call volume, maintaining a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Amidst global panic, we want to assist customer care centers in providing the highest level of service, to their most valuable asset, their customers,” said CEO and Co-founder Einav Itamar.

One of the largest telecommunication companies has recently deployed our Virtual Agent to deflect call volumes and respond in real time to customer inquiries. Together, we’ve created responses to common questions amidst the pandemic. Voca uses a combination of speech-to-intent and machine learning algorithms to determine which responses delivers the best outcomes. When a customer calls in, the AI will be able to understand and respond to product inquiries, while also responding to questions regarding the virus and what the organization wants to disclose to the caller. The client will be able to update and answer any questions as they find necessary.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

While the pandemic forces businesses to work remotely and into quarantine at home, Virtual agents utlilizing Conversational AI, can help maintain lines of communication since all face-to-face communication is no longer possible.

The greatest risk has become not implementing a plan at all, making this a critical part of planning amidst our new reality. Implementing our 24/7 Virtual Agent is simple and easy to deploy because these models are pre-built and ready to be placed into action. Together, we will define the call flow and answers to common questions.

Conversational AI is about working smarter, not harder. The future success of call center success partly depends on how customer interactions are prioritized, especially in times of need. 

Adopting new technology does not need to be a lengthy or costly process and that is why Voca is taking it upon ourselves to get call centers ready with a Virtual Agent in less than one week, including free setup. Finding the right software to empower and maximize agents time is critical in response to the increase in call volume from customers who are facing financial and economical turbulence. Onboarding a Virtual Agent can take the much needed weight from agents, assisting in seamless handovers and providing the service your customers need in such dire situations.

Interested to learn more about how a Virtual Agent could assist your call center amidst COVID-19?

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