Voca for

Debt Collection

Right Party Contact (RPC)


Voca Agents offer a scalable and efficient way to increase recovery of high volume credit card and loan debt. The irruption of artificial intelligence made humanization of interfaces and communications possible, enabling Virtual Agents to seamlessly increase call volume by at least 10X, transfer calls to agents once a customer is confirmed, or continue on the call to retrieve payments.

The recognition and synthesis of voice provides companies with the possibility of offering versatile experiences. Voca’s Virtual Agents are natural and human-like, providing a similar experience to human agents. They convey the professionalism, confidence, and closeness which customers are accustomed to, without judgment. Thus, increasing the probability of debtors paying their debt and agents maximizing their time.

Designing debt collection strategies with AI Virtual Agents will drastically improve the dollar amount achieved per agent, as well as boost contact center productivity, customer experience, and agent retention.

Voca Agent


Increase Call Volume

Increase call volumes without the hassle of “hiring and firing” during seasonal highs and lows.

Easily Recover Debts

All debts can easily become high priority, no matter how small.

RPC at Scale

Easily confirm you’re speaking with the right person.

Reach Targets

Human agents can focus their efforts on negotiating and closing and less on RPC.

Test for Best Results

Monitor conversations as they unfold; make decisions and take action in real-time.

Learn from Experience

Voca Agents follow all compliance codes to the T.

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