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First Impressions!

Start qualifying leads with Virtual Agents. Provide timely follow ups with quality customer service, ensuring the right leads process quickly and efficiently. Virtual Agents easily automate repetitive processes, filtering calls and successfully confirming each lead fits criteria for qualification. Smoothly handle call volume, both peaks and lows with inbound and outbound activity. Natural sounding and empathetic, our Virtual Agents provide fast, intuitive responses to customers’ needs, maintaining a positive first impression. Voca handles rebuttals while always prompt and on script. Automate redundant processes efficiently and effortlessly, providing the results both you and your customers need.  

Voca Agents


Screening Leads

Timely call from Voca Agents, screening irrelevant leads.

Fast Response

Fast response ensures customers aren’t looking elsewhere.

Free up Human Agents

Human agents can speak with the right person every-time, focusing efforts on negotiating and closing.

Call at Scale

Voca Agents can handle any number of lead qualifications.

Good at Handovers

Smooth, real-time transfers help human agents achieve effective outcomes.

Decrease Frustration

Voca Agents are always friendly and always on script.

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