for Legal Services

Efficiently Qualify Leads

Get More Bang for Your Buck

With our custom-tailored virtual call center agents, we provide immediate support for pre-intake and case screening while easily and efficiently qualifying leads. Our friendly, human-sounding Virtual Agents seamlessly direct customers through the application process, screen, and follow up with leads for immediate service, 24/7. 

This allows for effortless processing, shorter wait times, and an overall increase in customer experience and satisfaction. Call center agents spend their time with qualified leads, allowing businesses to get more bang for their buck, where it’s needed the most. 

The Perfect Fit

For Your Legal Services Contact Center

  • Timely response to all leads 
  • Mix Chat and Voice AI 
  • Screen relevant leads from others that are less suitable 
  • Capture and engage leads FAST and EFFICIENTLY 
  • Engage prospective clients, 24/7
  • Application processing 

Conversational NVR

  • Quickly solve first line inquiries, 24/7
  • Voca Agents are always available, on top of their game and never tired or in need of a break
  • Seamlessly mix Chat and Voice AI for the ultimate customer experience
  • With close to no wait times, Virtual AI Agents solve customers needs without fuss or frustration

Application Follow up

  • Timely call from Voca Agent, with further questions and qualification
  • Automatically confirm the application status
  • Instantly approve or politely decline leads
  • Fast application response ensures customers aren’t looking elsewhere
  • Agents spend their time with the most qualified leads
  • Always prompt and always on script

Application Processing

  • Virtual Agents assist customers through the application process, through voice and chat
  • Ensure applications are completed correctly and efficiently
  • Cross-channel, end-to-end automation for all application processes
  • Decrease customer frustration with lengthy applications

Lead Screening

  • Automatically screen relevant leads from others that are less suitable
  • Seamlessly filter through the noise with instant lead qualification
  • Live CMS updates
  • Increase call volume 10X’s
  • Agents speak with the right person every time, focusing their efforts where it matters the most
  • Ensures smooth and efficient lead processing

Interested in Optimizing your Legal Services Contact Center?