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Recent studies show that reaching out to a customer is more effective through voice than through any other medium. Voca Agents have the ability to understand nuances in voice that is lost in text. If someone is happy or annoyed, it is detected in their tone, a pause in the conversation or in the way they express emotion, such as a sigh.

Voca Agent


Conduct Large-Scale Customer Surveys

From small-scale to nation-wide surveys, easy-to-scale Voca Agents let you poll easily and efficiently.

Detect Attitude “Hidden” in Prosody 

Voca Agents can tell you how a respondent is feeling, in addition to what they are saying.

Calls are Recorded and can be Revisited

For quality control and for your benefit, all calls can be retrieved at any time.

Seamless Handovers to Human Agents

Voca Agents know when it’s the right time to hand the call over to a human agent.

A/B Testing to Improve Outcomes

Continually making data-informed decisions to increase success rates.

Learn from Experience

Voca’s algorithm continues to learn, based on insight from thousands of calls within multiple sectors and industries.

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