Voca Wins Best AI Product at CogX 2019

It was an Honor Presenting and Winning at CogX for Best AI Product for Telecommunication.  

Our presentation discussed designing experiences that include AI Virtual Agents as first tier and human agents as second tier for improved contact center productivity, customer experience and agent retention. The infusion of AI into conversations revolutionizes agents’ efficiency. AI application assimilates information over time and creates patterns that can be addressed with ease. For example, when a customer calls and launches a complaint, the Virtual Agent takes over and solves these complaints with ease, freeing up human agents for more complex questions.  Most importantly, AI brings the consistency customers crave, with close to no wait times and quick solutions for first tier inquiries.

The Perfect Fit for your Contact Center

  • Respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, creating excellent first impressions
  • Handles the vast majority of first line inquiries 
  • Natural Voice Response (NVR) that understands your customers intent 
  • Insures customer gets through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Human agents have more time to work on high-intent calls
  • Satisfied customer experience with Virtual Agents that are always prompt and always on script 
  • Voca documents everything so that your agents don’t have to 
  • Monitor conversations as they unfold, so you can make decisions and take action in real time

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