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Automate Calls from Beginning-to-End; Leverage AI to Scale your Call Center and Win with CX

Only with Voca

3-Way Conversations

The ability to have a conference call with three speakers on the line (Virtual Agent, customer and agent).

Customer Insight Dashboard

Our dashboard provides real-time business performance, including the ability to investigate and playback specific calls.

Live Transfer

The Virtual Agent seamlessly transfers the customer to the receiving agent, providing context of the call in real-time, while the customer listens.

Warm Transfer

The Virtual Agent momentarily places customer on hold, explains context of the call to the receiving agent and smoothly transfers the call.

Speech to Intent

Voca tailors the speech response based on the speaker’s intent and emotional state, enabling a more empathetic, warm, and aware Virtual Agent.

Speech with Intent

Voca tailors our speech response based on the intent and emotional state of the speaker, enabling a more empathetic, warm and aware Virtual Agent.

Extracting Valuable Inputs

We’ve perfected our expertise to extract and understand conversational intent from a low-quality audio sample rate of 8k or lower.

Complex Call Scenarios

Addresses calls that are longer than 3 minutes, and with more than 20 Intents, including many turns and delineations between the Virtual Agent and customer.

A Trusted Brand

Voca provides that perfect mix of ease in processes, efficiency, scalability, and great customer experience. With Voca, we’ve been able to significantly reduce wait times while providing an attentive Virtual Agent, available for our customers, 24/7.”

Joshua Wrigglesworth, Head of Contact Strategy of Utilita Energy

Truly End-to-End

With onboarding that takes 2-6 weeks, Voca makes it extremely easy to get your Virtual AI Agent live. Our experienced delivery team provides a true end-to-end solution, using our expertise to successfully launch, monitor and scale your customized Virtual Agent, without any need to hire in-house developers – now isn’t that a relief?

Dynamic Dashboard

Our dashboard provides the insights you need to stay ahead.

  • Evaluate your call center’s health
  • Drill through and investigate each call
  • Aggregate data from every call
  • Easily measure customer satisfaction and KPIs
  • Monitor calls for continuous improvements

Voca allows our call center team to speak with interested leads, every time, saving my team valuable time, which I am grateful for. Voca also makes converting leads much easier.”

Beatriz Galvez, Call Center Manager at NRS


Each Virtual Agent is already well versed with the jargon necessary per industry. With a wealth in conversational data, we seamlessly onboard your Virtual Agent without loads of training.

The Most Human-Sounding Virtual Agent

We take your customers seriously. Our human-like Virtual Agents work hand-in-hand, supporting your call center team so agents can work as efficiently as possible.

Voca integrates with EVERY contact center platform, telephony system, IVR, CRM, CMS and payment solution.

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